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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Yoga for New Moms on the Rise

c/o YogaNest
You’re not alone.

This is the message that sparked Ifat Kent to open YogaNest studio of Broward County, Florida, last January, which serves pre and post-natal moms.

Originally from Israel, Kent, a mom of three and registered 500-hour yoga teacher, says she was lonely after giving birth, so she'd seek out “momma groups” for support.  

“I knew the babies could play while the moms
talked,” explained Kent.  “There is a psychological, spiritual need for mom support circles.”
In Kent’s post-natal classes, there are typically fourteen pairs of moms and babies.  Asana practice is offered, with breathing exercises and light core work to heal the pelvic floor, back and shoulder pain from feeding baby.
“We start with mild squats and add mild ab work and some restorative poses, which are great for reducing stress.”  Babies are incorporated in to some posture work, which helps with tummy time, says Kent.
Classes at YogaNest have grown, says Kent. 
c/o YogaNest
“It can be isolating for new moms – especially with the phones. Moms are looking for outlets for human contact.  I feel the need is larger now,” says Kent.  Also, “Moms are super tired – from a lack of sleep or because their partners aren’t helping enough. Breastfeeding can be frustrating.  We need to support moms. Circles are so important. They have commonality with other women and almost everything shared is what someone else is experiencing.”

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Top Baby Name Trend -- Zen!

c/o DrawingBoardShop
What's in a name? 
According to today's parents, one's spiritual essence is represented by this form of identity.  In our 24/7, non-stop, digitally-driven society, it's no wonder some of 2018's most popular baby names were inspired by Eastern spiritual practices like meditation and yoga. 
Girl names like Peace (up 66 percent), Hope (up 10 percent),  (Harmony (up 15 percent) and Rainbow (up 26 percent) are just a few feminine examples, according to BabyCenter.com's List of Top 100 Baby Names for 2018.  
Parents of boys were increasingly interested in earth-friendly monikers including Ocean (up 31 percent) and Sky (up 38 percent).

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Dot That Pose with New Yoga Kids Card Set!

c/o drawingboardshop.com
Expressing a love of yoga is as easy as 1-2-3 with this new line of Dot-to-Dot Yoga Kids Note Cards. 

Can be enjoyed as artwork, or for use as a greeting card or fun, dot-to-dot activity.  

Blank inside. 10-Card Set includes 2 images each of  Dancer Pose, Lotus Pose, Mudra, Upward Facing Dog Pose and Tree Pose.

(Dot-That-Pose Kids Yoga Card Set, $18.00 at drawingboardshop.com)

Monday, September 3, 2018

Bookmark This! Expert Guide to Glass-Is-Half-Full Parenting

c/o Crowne Publishing
Parenting is not for the faint of heart.

In Positive Parenting, a team of three expert authors --from family and child therapist to parent educator to life coach - offer positive advice, targeted approaches and effective tools to help parents play up their strengths at work and at home.

Themes covered include: Discovering your strengths + challenges, dealing with guilt, debunking the myth of the perfect child and more.

Give this a quick read for a healthier parenting mindset as back-to-school approaches!

(Positive Discipline for Today's Busy & Overwhelmed Parent: How to balance work, parenting, & self for lasting well being, $17.00, Crowne Publishing)

Friday, August 3, 2018

New Yogini Approved Snack for Fall Lunchboxes!

c/o KIND Snacks
Treat 'em kind!

As you scour for new lunch and snack ideas for back-to-school, consider a new, healthier take on the beloved chewy, granola bar. 

KIND Kids recently hit shelves. The bars have 25% less sugar than leading kids granola bars, no artificial ingredients and provide 1/2 the serving of whole grains. Each bar has 100 calories or less. Flavors include Chewy Peanut, Butter Chocolate Chip, Chewy Honey Oat and Chewy Chocolate Chip.

(KIND Kids bars, $3.99/6-bar box at Target, Amazon and kindsnacks.com)

Monday, April 16, 2018

Just say OM!

c/o drawingboardshop.com

Spread a peaceful vibe and remind others of your special connection through this lovely, hand-painted Note Card. 

(Om Note Card. $4.50 at DrawingBoardShop.com)

Keep calm and mantra on!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Make it --don't break it! DYI Mala for kids!

c/o StKatherines
Mini makers take note!

There's fun to be had with this all-in one mala necklace kit! Chic and cool contents include:

-Rosewood beads
-Coral Tassel Charm
-Solid Brass Hear
-Waxed Linen Thread
-Easy Instructions

Measures 28" when finished. Packaged in fabric bag. *Tassels and charms available in other styles and colors.

(Make A Mala Kit. $12.00 at StKatherines shop on Etsy)