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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Get in the yoga groove! Hot studio sounds for the teen set.

Maggie DiPasquale
Setting the right tone is key to becoming a hit teen yoga teacher – both instructionally and musically. 

“Music is so important. I only want to move to music that moves me,” says Maggie DiPasquale (maggiedipasquale.com), a New York, Tri-State area teen yoga teacher and creator of the Modern Mentor Program, which offers a range of self-help services for tweens and teens.  

In the Vinyasa flow style classes she teaches at different area studios, “I get a lot of questions about my music. I go out of the box. Music can be a catalyst to opening the door to how you’re feeling about things and getting honest with yourself,” says DiPasquale.  

Every playlist DiPasquale creates is labeled by month and season. “It’s a personality thing and such a reflection of who you are. I can go back through them and remember a challenge I was going through or who I’d met or broken up with at the time,” says DiPasquale.

For a crowd-pleasing yoga session, tune in to DiPasquale’s sure-fire teen yoga song selections below. 

Katy Perry’s When Girls are Walking In breaks the ice right away without me having to. Unconditionally, Firework and Roar are fun when teen yogis are first walking in. 

I love to meditate to The xx song by Angels. 

Ed Sheeran performs a nice, acoustic version of Fetty Wap’s Trap Queen by Fetty Wap’s song with The Roots.

Find versions of your favorite pop songs by cool, indie people like Angus and Julia Stone covering Sam Smith’s hit Stay With Me.

Skinny Love Song by Bon Iver.
Justin Bieber’s acoustic rendition of Where Are You Now is nice.

I’ll play any song by Mat Kearney. Billion is about how he’s only in love with on girl out of a billion. Ships in the Night is another good one. 

I do go pop, too, like Pharrell’s Come and Get it Bae. 

I like anything by Vance Joy. Can’t go wrong with his alternative pop track Rip Tide or new single Mess Is Mine.

You and I by Ingrid Michaelson or What A Day by Greg Laswell, her ex-husband are great during a flow.

I use Kundalini music during breathing exercises. Mantra music by artist, Snatam Kaur is great. Sa Ta Na Ma, is a Kirtan Kriya by Annki Har Dval Kaur & Klas Landahl. It sounds like a folk song.


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