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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Runway yoga? Yoga apparel company a front-runner at high profile teen beauty pageant

BaliniSports founder, Ada Hung. Courtesy, BaliniSports
BaliniSports will be an official sponsor and apparel provider of the Miss Teen Nevada 2016 competition, taking place here later this year.

“BaliniSports is honored and thrilled to become a part of the Miss Teen Nevada family and help to carry on the tradition of helping intelligent young women in the local community showcase their brilliance and talents,” said BaliniSports founder, Ada Hung.  “We can’t wait to help every contestant shine their brightest and feel comfortable and confident in beautiful pieces from our collection.”

The Nevada-based company produces high-quality, eco-friendly yoga gear. Pieces from the collection will be worn by this year’s Miss Teen Nevada contestants during practice sessions on stage. The winner of the competition will continue on to represent the state in the Miss Teen USA competition.
“Pieces from BaliniSports are designed to make women feel free and empowered while looking stylish,” said Hung.  For more information on how to purchase pieces worn by Nevada contestants, visit: BaliniSports.com


Monday, June 29, 2015

Vacation planning? Marriott adds kids yoga to programming lineup

Courtesy JW Marriott San Antonio 
R&R and yoga go together like PB&J. So why should adults have all the fun?

Two years ago, Marriott introduced “Yogi Bugs” at a Texas-based property and the pilot kids yoga class has been so well-received, the program’s creator has hopes of expanding it corporation-wide.
“The resort is where people go on vacation. Our hope is that kids can walk away with...

Friday, June 26, 2015

Om Girl! Youngest hot yoga teacher blazes her own trail

Courtesy Skyler Dearen
Skylar Dearen can take the heat.

At just 15-years old, our nation’s youngest Yoga Alliance-registered hot yoga instructor treks a bold, heart-guided life path.
A yogi since age 7, Dearen’s passion for the fiery practice was inspired by her single mother, a yoga teacher-turned studio owner in Newport Beach, California.
“Yoga totally changed our lives. We’ve had hard times. Hot yoga offers...

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Stretching a charitable spirit. Non-profit brings yoga empowerment to at-risk youth

Courtesy Reach Within
Yoga’s worldly appeal and benefits are being showered upon children in Grenada, who have experienced hardship or loss, thanks to ReachWithin, a charity that supports vulnerable Grenadian children and their caregivers.

“In 2009, the Reach Grenada Youth Program was created and has grown in to a full curriculum, rooted in the growing needs of the children it serves,” says Meghan Tyrrell, program manager.
Five part-time employees now run...

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pre-yoga snacking on the go? Dip in to these 2 new bite-sized healthy pleasures

Courtesy Wholly Guacamole
If you’re craving a nutritious food to fuel up for yoga class, spice things up with new mini-packs of cultural noshes.
Wholly Guacamole has introduced the Avocado Verde 45 Cal Minis line to their pre-prepared Mexican food brand.

Made with hand-scooped Haas avocados, the easy-to-open, 2-oz. containers are ideal for dipping with chips, crackers or alone. The kosher certified, dairy and gluten-free Minis come in 4 or 6-pack product sizes and will hit grocery shelves in the coming months. (4-count is $3.99-$4.99/6-ct is $5.29 - $5.99) For more information, visit eatwholly.com
Courtesy Sabra Dipping Company

Grab and go pizza? Not quite, but close.

Sabra Dipping Company's new Pizza Hummus Singles in 2-oz. packs combine the pizza-inspired flavor that kids love, with classic hummus.

Paired with pita chips or veggies, this fresh-tasting addition to their line is a zesty way to nourish your bod before hitting the mat.
Pizza Hummus Singles launch in August and retail for $4.99 per 6-count package. Visit www.sabra.com for details.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Be light as a feather. Try this calming Pranyama exercise for kids

Courtesy Amazon.com
Props come in handy when teaching little ones how to control their breath. Feathers are perfect tools for such an important wellness lesson.

Pick up a package of colorful quills at your local crafts store or online, and practice this fun and educational activity with one or more youngsters.
Floating Feather Game. Give one feather to each child, and tell them to place their feather in front of their mouths. Practice breath control together, first breathing easily to move the soft, fluffy part of the feather, and then blowing harder to move the rigid part of the feather. Then practice blowing feather up into the air and keeping it up with your breath.



Friday, June 19, 2015

Yoga love! TV sensation Wai Lana, releases online music video for International Yoga Day

Courtesy PR Newswire
"Namaste," the standard Hindu greeting and gesture of respect has gone global as a YouTube recording. 

In honor of the first annual, International Yoga Day on June 21, 2015, as declared by the United Nations, world-renowned yoga teacher and host of the long-running public television program that bears her name, Wai Lana was inspired to create the tune, “To help us remember one of yoga’s greatest lessons – humility and respect for others,” she says in a news release.
Shot on location including the U.S., Mexico, India, Australia and Poland, the uplifting tune, “symbolizes the unity and harmony that we can achieve through yoga,” says Wai Lana.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Freshen up! Keep your yoga space muck-free with organic mat wash

Manduka Mat Renew 8 oz Spray in Tranquil Lavendar. Courtesy Manduka
Does your yoga mat need a spring cleaning?

This pack-and-go, all-purpose spray will sanitize and refresh your well-used floor covering.

Made with essential oils, aroma options include, Tranquil Lavender, Energizing Gingergrass, and Soothing Citrus.  

The solution is also phosphate-free, biodegradable and non-alcoholic, so it won’t dry out your runner.
Perfect scents and sense!
(Manduka Mat Renew 8oz Spray in Tranquil Lavendar. $10.00 @ www.manduka.com)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bugged out? Deter mosquitoes in style with all-natural wristband repellents

Kid Sea World Band Courtesy PARA'KITO
Put away those harsh bug sprays and stay buzz-free when taking your yoga practice outside.

PARA’KITO is a new line of wearable, waterproof repellents that blend essential oils with patented slow-release technology.  
Worn on the wrist or ankle, the DEET and GMO-free bands come in a variety of colors and designs, making them the ultimate safety accessory!
How does this innovative product work? A single refill pellet fits snug in the mesh pocket on the band’s outside. As the active ingredients are released in to the air around you, they help mask the scents of your body and breath, making it harder for pesky mosquitoes to find you. Each pellet is designed to protect you for fifteen consecutive days, all day long, in all zones and climates, too.

Kid Be Cool Band Courtesy PARA'KITO
Teen/Adult bands come in Black, Blue, Star, Jungle, Hawaii, and Fuchsia. ($19.50 each).
Kids bands come in Sea World Kids and Be Cool Kids styles. ($19.50 each).
Roll-on gel and Refillable clip sold separately. ($19.50 each).

All available at: http://us.parakito.com



Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Party time! 4 musts for a winning kids yoga bash

Courtesy Google Images
Kids yoga birthday parties are all the rage, according to Alexa Klein, Co-Owner of Yogi Beans, a New York City-based children's yoga company and studio.

“They are unique, special ways to celebrate your bean,” says Klein, whose studio averages three to four kids yoga parties every month. Parents can opt for 90 minute or two-hour specialty parties. Each features 45 minutes of yoga and a “pizza picnic,” while the longer affair includes extra activities. The outfit will also cater “On-the-Go” birthday events at private homes, restaurants or gyms.
To host a crowd-pleasing little yogi party, follow Klein’s tips:

Make it age appropriate.  “Facepainting is super popular for the 2-5 year old crowd, while the 6-12 year olds love our signature yoga class with a fun spa experience. Parents love the idea of making the kids feel pampered in a kid-friendly environment.”
Hire professionals. “Our parties are staffed by a professional hostess and two or more Yogi Beans’ caring, expert kids’ yoga instructors. We want parents to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the yoga vibes!”
Build off of a theme. “The birthday child chooses a favorite theme, for example, jungle safari or flower power, a character like Dora or Spiderman, or favorite music, such as the Frozen soundtrack or One Direction. We provide options for yoga-themed goodie bags and all of our paper goods are tie-dyed and peace sign themed. Parents have given out yoga favors such as kids’ yoga mats and yoga-related jewelry."
Let your yogi guest of honor shine. “Make sure the birthday child feels like the center of attention. Our birthday beans always sit next to our instructor at the front of the room, and help to lead all of the games, activities and poses.”


Monday, June 15, 2015

Sweet Zzz's. Yoga bedtime storybook calms young bodies and minds

Courtesy Sounds True
If you’re all out of sleep time tricks to get your kiddo to bed, try author Mariam Gates’ remedy, “Good NightYoga: A Pose-by-Pose Bedtime Story,” (Sounds True, $17.95).

The adorably illustrated book tells the story of the natural world as it settles down for nightfall, while teaching kids a simple flow of yoga asanas inspired by their favorite characters from nature. Bright stars sparkle, as clouds drift by. Ladybugs nestle softly as birds fly back to their nests.

This restful sequence encourages listening, breathing, bending and stretching – soothing youngsters in to slumber. More empowering than the blankie ;)



Friday, June 12, 2015

Need a boost? 6 tips for buying a sports bra

Vitality Sports Bra at ivivva.com
Nothing kills a revitalizing vinyasa flow like having to readjust your bra, to hold in your private parts. Investing in a durable sports bra can enhance your yoga practice, since a well-fitted one provides ample support and controls bounce, allowing you to remain in the yoga zone.

Just like our bodies, bras come in all shapes, sizes and strengths. So that you size yourself correctly, it can be helpful to seek out expert advice or try on several styles before making a purchase.
When shopping, bear in mind these  6 tips, found on sports retailer, REI’s website.
1. It should fit slightly tighter than a regular bra, but not so tight that you can't comfortably take a deep breath with the bra fastened on the middle hook.
2. There should be no chafing around the armholes, shoulder straps or seams. If the sports bra has hooks or snaps, make sure those don't chafe, either.

3. The straps shouldn't dig into your shoulders.

4. To make sure you have the right size, raise your hands over your head. If the elastic band moves up your rib cage, you need a smaller band or the straps may need to be adjusted.

5. The cup fabric should be smooth. Wrinkles or puckers indicate the cup is too big.

6. Test the bra's support by jumping or running in place. You'll be able to feel whether it's sufficiently supportive or not.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Going with your flow. What teens should know about yoga and the menstrual cycle

Restorative asana. Courtesy Genny Kapuler.
When it’s that time of the month, is it safe to get your Om on?

“It’s important for teens to begin to be responsible for their own health and wellbeing,” says Genny Kapuler, an intermediate junior III level Iyengar teacher. 
“When you’re menstruating, the first three days, you’re bleeding heavily, so you don’t want to do inversions, vigorous backbends, arm balances or twists, which close the abdomen. You don’t want to draw the uterus up. Anatomically, you want to...

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Om Girl! Trendsetting teen yoga teacher rides her own wave

Om Girl Kaya Hughes. Courtesy Kaya Hughes.
Like the ocean surf she resides by, yoga naturally flowed in to 9th grader, Kaya Hughes’ life.

The Encinita, California-based teen clicked with the practice two years’ back and successfully lobbied the studio owner at local Soul of Yoga for entry in to their teacher training program.

While juggling the day-long trainings and schoolwork was challenging, it took Hughes out of her comfort zone and, “Led me on a better path,” she says.

Hughes soon began teaching tween and teen classes at Ivivva of Del Mar and South Coast.

“At first I was nervous and didn’t know if girls would like how I taught, but over time, I felt more...

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Girl Power Getaway! Omega hosts activity-packed empowerment week

Courtesy Omega Institute for Holistic Studies
Rev up your young one's energy and self-esteem at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies for Rhinebeck, New York.

Now in its third season here, the "Radiant Power of Girls" camp week is back by popular demand.

“It’s a huge hit, and attracts girls from all over and differing traditions,” says Carol Donahue, director of Rhinebeck Programs for the institute.
Limited to twenty-five girls, ages five through twelve, the week-long, five-hour a day summer program combines Kundalini Yoga, chanting sessions with artist, Sukhdev Jackson, crafting, African dance, teamwork and trust-building experiences. On the final day, a “glam squad” of assistants pamper the girls with manicures and beauty treatments, says Donahue.
Young participants sleep on campus, accompanied by their mothers, who attend classes and workshops during the day. All meals are eaten together.
"You come away with a true sense of belonging to the global gathering of girls and lasting knowledge about your own fundamental power, value, and voice," according to the workshop's online description at eomega.com.

Radiant Power of Girls
Growing with Grace, Strength and Joy
August 9 - 14, 2015
Cost: $275




Monday, June 8, 2015

Launched! Instagram yogipreneur heats up activewear market

Kids Legging in Alexis Stripe. Courtesy K-Deer
Organic is one way to describe K-Deer's Instagram business success story. 

In 2008, founder and designer, Kristine Deer first connected with yoga during a down time, post-college.

“I’d graduated design school, had left my job and was freelancing in New York. Bikram yoga became a way for me to do something just for me," says Deer, who later achieved a yoga...

Friday, June 5, 2015

Get crafty! Unleash your inner artist with this ancient, meditative activity

Courtesy KidsYogaDaily.com
In Eastern culture, Mandalas are used in to focus the mind, create a sacred space, and help you reflect. These circular and geometrically patterned creations have been said to help people grasp their rightful place in the order of things.

For a rainy day, or anytime crafting art-making, younger kids will enjoy, “Nature Mandalas Coloring Book,”  by Thaneeya McArdle, (Design Originals, $9.99), which includes over 30 earth and animal-inspired mandalas printed on perforated, high-quality, extra-thick paper  perfect for easy removal and display. Positive and insightful quotes accompany each symbolic diagram, too.

“Creative Haven Mandalas Stained Glass Coloring Book,” by Marty Noble, (Dover Publications, Inc., $7.99) will attract the tween and teen set, as the 16 included stained glass patterns are designed for more experienced colorists. Held up to a light source, the designs will glow with color.



Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bejeweled in a flash! Pose in sparkling style with faux tattoo line

Courtesy Tats4Now

In a sea full of downward doggers, it’s hard to stand out in yoga class. But Kauai-based, Amber Harder, founder of Tats4Now, is helping yogis worldwide to glisten on and off of their mat.

Her line of metallic flash tattoos has taken off since she launched it online nearly a year back. The idea came after she’d noticed another brand’s product at a local shop.

“I couldn’t stop staring at them,” says 35-year-old Harder. “I thought they were fabulous.”
Courtesy Tats4Now
Harder had exceptional timing too, as the fashion trend is fast spreading.

“Getting a tattoo with no commitment is a super fun way to express yourself,” she says.
To take her vision to reality, Harder first collaborated with a local designer, but it didn’t work out, so she...

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Beach yoga bound? Pack and protect your mat in rugged style

Courtesy Barefoot Yoga Company
'Tis the season to enjoy your practice outdoors! Whether at the park or the shore, this durable, water-repelling cotton canvas mat carrier is designed to withstand the elements.

The top-loading and zip side-loading duffel fits all mats except Xtra-Wide and Xtra-Long/Xtra-Wide. 

Courtesy Barefoot Yoga Company
Embroidered Lotus comes in Black, Magnolia Pink, Pebble Grey, Orchid and Moss. Embroidered Om  comes in Purple or Turquoise. ($44.00/each at www.barefootyoga.com)


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Kids class in lineup at annual Iyengar Yogathon

Courtesy Iyengar Yoga Association of Greater New York
This Sunday, June 7th, the Iyengar Yoga Association of Greater New York, a non-profit organization will hold its annual Yogathon, honoring the life and legacy of Senior Teacher, Mary Dunn, who passed away in 2008.

The day-long event will feature dynamic yoga demonstrations by Association Teachers.

Bring the kiddos, as a free class for those ages 3 and up has been planned.

Refreshments and raffle prizes available for purchase. For more information, visit: www.iyengarnyc.org/2015-yogathon.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Surprise! Special needs yoga may soon arrive on a scene near you

Courtesy Pop.Earth
Pop.Earth, a three-year-old non-profit organization, has been operating pop-up yoga classes in the Long Island, New York area for over a year, with sights set on expanding nationally.

“We provide services for people with autism and developmental disabilities, so that they can lead more fulfilling lives,” says Dodie Daniels, executive director of the group and the mother of two children with autism.
Founded in 2012 by Debbie Stone, whose eleven-year-old son, Dylan is autistic, Pop.Earth currently employs a staff of eighteen interns, certified yoga instructors, Reiki masters and those who have worked in the field of special education. They are dispatched to work at homes, schools, and outlets like The Little Gym of Merrick, JCC of Oceanside, and the Nassau County Police Athletic League's Special Needs Unit.
Daniels says yoga is making a positive difference in the lives of their student population.
“From session to session and the start to end of a program, we see how much calmer and relaxed they are,” says Daniels. The forty-minute classes and moves aren’t quite as complicated as in regular yoga classes, she says.
“Routines are very structured, we use visuals and integrate Reiki and aromatherapy, which helps refocus and center our students,” she says. “It’s good, low-impact exercise, keeps kids moving, and gives them a sense of accomplishment when they get through class.”
With a roster of volunteers, including teens, who help out each week, and a successful fundraising dinner this spring, Daniels is optimistic that Pop.Earth’s mission and services will continue to spread.
“We have a franchise mentality. We ran programs in Colorado last summer and are in conversations with folks in Florida, Texas and California,” says Daniels.