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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bejeweled in a flash! Pose in sparkling style with faux tattoo line

Courtesy Tats4Now

In a sea full of downward doggers, it’s hard to stand out in yoga class. But Kauai-based, Amber Harder, founder of Tats4Now, is helping yogis worldwide to glisten on and off of their mat.

Her line of metallic flash tattoos has taken off since she launched it online nearly a year back. The idea came after she’d noticed another brand’s product at a local shop.

“I couldn’t stop staring at them,” says 35-year-old Harder. “I thought they were fabulous.”
Courtesy Tats4Now
Harder had exceptional timing too, as the fashion trend is fast spreading.

“Getting a tattoo with no commitment is a super fun way to express yourself,” she says.
To take her vision to reality, Harder first collaborated with a local designer, but it didn’t work out, so she...
signed herself up for a master class on Adobe Illustrator through Lynda.com, a subscription-based online learning video library.
Inspired by her Hawaiian ancestry, Harder began designing faux tattoo pineapples, seahorses, Hawaiian islands, shells, birds and other cultural symbols in colors of metallic gold, silver, black and recently teal and hot pink. An “amazingly talented” photographer shoots her creations, which are then uploaded and sold on Instagram for $8.50 per sheet, she says.

Courtesy Tats4Now
Now drawing 8000 international followers, “I’m making a full living off of Instagram,” says Harder.
Her feed is so popular, Instagrammers send pictures of themselves donning Harder’s creations on their hands and feet hoping she’ll upload them to her site.
Inspiration for Harder’s tats come from everywhere, but recently, “I saw this fabulous book in the library of old Hawaii and the clothing designs back then were so inspiring,” says Harder.
The brand’s Mermaid, Free Spirit, Golden Sunrise and Polynesian Tribal designs are well received, as is the  One Love Yoga Sheet, says Harder.
“We donate ten percent of sales from this sheet to the OneLoveMovement,” says Harder. The yoga charity benefits under-privileged women and youth.
Courtesy Tats4Now
Married with children, Harder’s newfound business has reinvigorated her passion and drive.
“It’s a confidence booster. I’ve been a mom for fifteen years and a wife for more than that. You can lose your identity in a male-dominated home. It’s nice to have something girly to come back to who I am and to my creativity,” she says.
For those interested in the entrepreneurial path, “Do not look at others and compete. Everyone goes at their own pace. Follow your heart and be true to yourself,” says Harder.
If you’re growing a business online, “Keep it personal. People want to hear back from you, so reply in a friendly way to everyone’s comments. People appreciate that they’re connected to you,” she says.



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