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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The 411 on Tween/Teen Yoga!

*Special thanks to Guest Contributor, Sharon Marrama, for this educational nutshell on tween and teen yoga!

c/o Liz Wertz Photography

Tween & Teen Yoga

What Is The Difference, Kids Yoga? Tween Yoga? Teen Yoga?

·        Kid’s yoga classes are an introduction to yoga in its simplest form with fun and games.

·        Tween yoga classes are the first introduction to incorporating setting an intention with a complete sequence of poses-while focusing on breathing, creating a mind and body balance.

·        Teen yoga classes expand on all the above and are the last step before moving on to adults yoga classes.

A tween/teen yoga practice can improve flexibility and strength, as well as...

Monday, October 23, 2017

Get Croaked! New read schools on mindful practices for kids

c/o BuddhaGroove.com
If your child needs help falling asleep, calming down, controlling anger or just becoming more patient or aware in general, check out this kid-friendly guide.
Mindfulness exercises, examples and anecdotes fill the pages, offering practical insights for children ages 5-12. A CD of guided meditation is included.

(Sitting Still Like A Frog: Mindfulness Guidebook for Kids, by Eline Snel. $17.95 at BuddhaGroove.com)

Thursday, October 19, 2017

It figures!

Fun and flexible yoga animal figurines make cute gifts for young yogis!

Bend and shape Dog, Fox, Bear, Cat and Kitty for inspirational play.

Needle-felted dolls are approximately 6.5 inches tall.

($24.00/each at Felt4Soul shop on Etsy)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Stay calm and bake on with yoga kitchen tool!

c/o 3DToolingScience
For the yogi who loves to bake -- especially for the kids, these cute cutters come in three yoga pose shapes:

Meditating Yogi, Sitting Yogi and Standing Yogi.

c/o 3DToolingScience
Sizes vary from 1.5 to 4 inches and are biodegradable PLA plastic, which is food-safe. Hand-wash only.

c/o 3DToolingScience
(Yogi Cookie Cutters. $2.75/each from 3DToolingScience shop on Etsy)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


c/o sevgijewerly
Gift your young yogi this dainty, 24-karat gold dipped, matte Om pendant.

14-Karat gold filled chain sold separately. Comes in standard 16" or 18" lengths.

($36.00 at sevgijewerly on Etsy)

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Yoga yummies!

c/o urbanoutfitters.com
Wish your diet was as nurturing as your yoga practice? It can be. A new yoga-infused cookbook teaches you how to nourish your mind, strengthen your body and bring more balance in to your life -- just like your yoga practice does!

Features over 100 gorgeously photographed gluten free and vegetarian recipes tailored to each of your chakras. Try creating delicious dishes like sweet potato scones and green quinoa burgers, as instructed by author, Kimberly Parsons, a trained naturopath and chef.

Bon Appetit and Namaste :)

(The Yoga Kitchen: Over 100 Vegetarian Recipes to Energize the Body, Balance the Mind & Make for a Happier You, by Kimberly Parson. $24.00 at urbanoutfitters.com)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Word up!

Positive vibes only!

Young yogis will love this sterling silver, Namaste yoga charm.

DIY add to a necklace or bracelet.

($8.29 at lydialayne on Etsy)

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Our latest for YogaJournal.com

Kids Yoga Daily for Yoga Journal!


Color and connect with kids yoga coloring book

c/o Amazon.com
While the sun continues to make a strong appearance during this Indian Summer, nab a copy of this kids yoga coloring book and enjoy some creative time outside with your little one. 

Author Sharon Marrama selected the most popular yoga poses for children to decorate in this hand drawn book. Each image is unique and helps kids become more familiarized with the asanas. A great intro-to-yoga find!

(Here Comes the Sun Yoga Coloring Book, $6.50 at Amazon.com)