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Friday, May 29, 2015

Got lemons? Kick off summer with this refreshing karma fundraiser

Courtesy ALSF
When life gives you lemons…start a lemonade stand for a good cause.

Before losing her battle with cancer at age eight, Alexandra “Alex” Scott had raised $1 million for pediatric cancer research through lemonade stand sales she’d generated since age four.

Her parents officially established Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) in 2005 to continue her dream of finding a cure. In honor of Alex, kids and families continue to host lemonade stands across the country. To date, her legacy has raised over $100 million.

Young yogis know it’s better to give than receive, which is the key ingredient for this charitable project. To ensure business and goodwill success, follow these steps, recommended by ALSF:

Choose your location. Set a date and time and register your Alex’s Lemonade Stand at alexslemonade.org

Let everyone know what you’re doing. After registering, you’ll receive an online fundraising page to share with friends on social media or in emails, as people who cannot attend your stand may still want to donate. Put up fliers, and contact local media to garner support.

On the big day…have fun! Instead of putting a price on a cup of lemonade, ask for a donation. Let customers know you accept checks and text donations, as well as cash. Consider selling a raffle, baked goods or crafts to maximize donations.

Send in your donations. After your stand, send monies raised, along with your event ID number in an envelope to:

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

333 E. Lancaster Avenue, #414

Wynnewood, PA, 19096

To find out where your money goes, visit the link below for a list of funded projects:




Thursday, May 28, 2015

Polish that pose, and your toes! 4 nail ideas to spice up your practice

Just as a new yoga mat or outfit can help you to self-express during yoga class, nail grooming offers an additional outlet for personal style.

Zodiac Dahlia. Courtesy PRITI NYC
“Paying attention to such details can help young yogis during their practice, since they feel good about how it looks, or because people noticed their awesome nails,” says Kim D’Amato, founder of PRITI NYC, a “green” brand of vegan, non-toxic, 5 Free nail polishes, which means they’re completely non-toxic.

With the warmer months upon us, Sienna D'Amato, Kim's daughter, and Creative Director of PRITI's Princess line, offers 4 nail ideas to keep you in fashion on and off the mat this season..
Blue Cactus Candle. Courtesy PRITI NYC
What’s trending now. Spring trends are hot pinks and fluorescents as well as dark colors, such as blacks and dark navys. Nail art is another huge trend, particularly accenting with geometric shapes.
Mix it up. It’s fun to paint one accent nail in a lighter color or do nail art with a fluorescent accent.
Stand out. Dark metallic colors shine against sun light. You can also wear a different color or multiple colors on each nail.
Coordinate from head to mat. I love when things match and are balanced. I pair my nail color with my mat most of the time.  Painting your nails should be fun. You can match any color or style to any mat. The most important thing is that you think it rocks.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Digest this! 5 kid-centric benefits of juicing up

Courtesy Montauk Juice Factory
While their taste buds are still developing, kids have an innate understanding of what’s good for their growing bodies, says Madeleine Murphy, co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Montauk Juice Factory.

The hip juice bar in Montauk, New York serves up a delectable selection of raw, cold-pressed, organic juices and operates a delivery service, too.

“Kids intuitively know that pure pineapple juice is way better for their bodies than soda. We see a total shift going on. Kids and teens are pulling their parents in to our shop and mixing and matching their own juices. It’s better than candy,” says Murphy, whose team also leads juicing workshops at camps and in charter schools.
To foster your child’s connectivity to nature’s liquid fuel, Murphy offers these tips:

Hold off on juice cleansing. At young ages, we recommend putting in to your life, not taking away. It's not about deprivation, not eating or counting calories. It's about how certain foods can make your skin glow and make your body feel stronger.

Drink up (at least) three times a day. Our juices naturally cleanse young bodies, which may be going through hormonal shifts, skin or self-esteem issues. Good, healthy, plant-based power can make you feel better about yourself and boost confidence. For a lunch box pick-me-up, our Green Lemonade contains a rare, blue green algae that goes down easy and helps with mental clarity.

Sweat it out and replenish. Pre or post workout, our Beach Break juice contains watermelons, which are rich in amino acids, helping to hydrate muscles and replenish fluids lost during exercise. Our Dope Beet energy drink with beets, parsnip and jalapeno is zesty and keeps a good metabolic rate going.

Don’t pop that pimple! What you put in to your body now effects how your skin will look in a month. Try Liquid Sunshine from our Glow line. It contains ginger, an anti-inflammatory, which reduces red, puffy skin; aloe vera, a detoxifier; lemon, which acts as an antiseptic and kills off bacteria; and pineapple, with bromelain enzyme, is a healthy tissue regenerator.

Be protein rich. Our vegan, non-dairy, MAD MYLK drink can be sipped alone, poured in to granola, or used to make chocolate milk or chia pudding. The beverage contains hemp and chia seeds – two rich protein sources. Vanilla and cinnamon sweeten the deal.





Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Go little yogi, go! New app locates yoga classes -- anywhere

Courtesy Yoga Trail
Keeping track of your kid’s favorite yoga teachers and studio schedules can be a daunting task, as some teachers teach at multiple studios.

Fortunately, a new tool can help you avoid getting caught up on studio websites and instructor Facebook pages.
The Mobile Yoga Trail App (for iOS and Android), enables users to “follow” preferred teachers and studios anywhere, anytime.

Created by YogaTrail.com, an online social yogi network, the free app also sends notifications of...

Monday, May 25, 2015

Express yourself! Athletic wear line targets young, yogi fashionistas

Lexi Hidalgo for Luna Jai
Luna Jai, the high fashion athletic apparel company, has added extra-extra-small sizes to its line.

“We wanted kids to be a part of this world,” says Serge Esebag, president and CEO of Los Angeles-based Sublitex, the apparel sourcing and import group behind Luna Jai. To this end, the company recently tapped 14-year-old yoga teacher and Instagram power influencer, Lexi Hidalgo, to be an ambassador for its brand.

The entire spirit of the Luna Jai brand stems from its name, which translates to...

Friday, May 22, 2015

Get ready to roll with handcrafted yoga back prop

Courtesy Dharma Yoga Wheel
Young yogis can deepen their practice using this fun, made-to-order tool.

Routine use opens the entire back and relaxes muscles.

View instructional videos and order online.

(Dharma Yoga Wheel Mini. $99.00 at dharmayogawheel.com).

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hey soul sister! Can yoga calm sibling rivalry?

Courtesy Google Images
Blood is thicker than water, but try telling that to two siblings going at it like cat and dog. Heather Gobbee has seen her fair share of the ugliness and beauty that stem from this unique relationship.

A kids and family yoga instructor at Bend & Bloom Yoga studio in Brooklyn, New York, Gobbee says, “Things go well and don’t go well in class.  It can be unpredictable.”
Age, birth order and maturity often play a role in the experience. With the three to five-year-old age set, “I’ve had kids who wants to be near their big siblings and do partner poses together, and others who get distracted and just want to play,” says Gobbee.
If one sibling is more developmentally challenged than another, “It can be frustrating for a child,” says Gobbee. But, on a positive note, “Partner yoga requires teamwork. They have to figure out poses together, which keeps them engaged and supportive of one another,” says Gobbee.
If siblings bug eachother during a yoga session, Gobbee tries to keep things positive.
“I address their unique strengths and remind them of how lucky they are to have a brother or sister with such qualities,” says Gobbee.
While yoga can help foster a lovely bond between some siblings, parents should be cautioned about forcing yoga on them as a bonding activity.
“There may be times when one sibling genuinely needs a break from another. You’ve got to know your child,” says Gobbee.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Peace, love, granola? Yogi care packages pamper the body and soul

Lifestyle Box Courtesy Yogi Surprise
Fitting in a daily asana practice, eating right and spreading good karma – all this mindfulness sure is hard work!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could be regularly rewarded for all of your efforts? Wish granted! For a monthly subscription fee, Yogi Surprise will send a monthly gift box filled with specialty products to nourish you, inside and out. 
Themed Lifestyle boxes include six products each. In a past “Compassion,” box for instance, recipients discovered a body rub, granola, facial cleansing cloths, face and body bar, yoga headband, energy bar and plastic-free filter for clean water bottles. 
Jewelry Box Courtesy Yogi Surprise
Inside the Jewelry box offering, you’ll always receive two yoga-inspired pieces of bling, along with an organic vegan treat.
Upload a selfie of yourself receiving your present on the company’s website and you could win the "Yoga Retreat Giveaway Contest," which runs monthly. 
(Lifestyle box, $39.46/month; Jewelry box, $24.99/month at YogiSurprise.com)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sweet yoga dreams! Posture pillow improves body shape while you snooze

Courtesy Sleep Yoga
Get those Zzzs, and maintain your physique with Sleep Yoga.

Inspired by the practice of yoga, the innovative collection of bolsters aims to improve your posture while you sleep.

The brainchild of a Glen Sun, a sleep industry designer, and his chiropractor, the cushions are designed to correct pain and discomfort caused by everyday physical stressors. Do you routinely hunch over your laptop at length or slouch at the dinner table? Such poor life and workstyle habits can inhibit a posture-perfect body.

Courtesy Sleep Yoga
The new line of support pillows is reportedly hypo-allergenic, does not lose shape, is machine wash and dryable, and made from a blend of cotton and lyocell, a wrinkle-resistant material.
Sleep Yoga comes in four styles, including a multi-position body pillow, side sleeper arm rest, shoulder posture cushion, and dual position neck pillow.
Sun successfully met his Kickstarter fundraising campaign goal of $10,000, and the product’s expected delivery is August of this year. (Sleep Yoga pillows, $29 - $125 at sleep-yoga.com)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Om Girl! Cheerleader-turned-yogi builds online power network

Lexi Hidalgo
For many teenagers, yoga is a great after-school activity, exercise outlet, and stress-reliever.

While the practice is all that for 14-year-old Lexi Hidalgo, it’s fast-becoming an entrepreneurial platform, as well.

The Delray Beach native is not your average young yogi. Hidalgo is one of the nation’s youngest certified Yoga and Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) instructors as well. Since posting daily – sometimes twice if homework permits --to Instagram nearly a year back, she’s amassed upwards of 4000 followers, who rely upon her daily feed for her creative, attention-grabbing photos and positive messages.
“Social media has helped me to...

Sunday, May 17, 2015

"Yoga Girl" Giveaway! Enter Here!

Courtesy Simon & Schuster
We're giving away a copy of The New York Times best-selling book, 'Yoga Girl," by yogi Instagram sensation, Rachel Brathen. Enter here for a shot at this awesome read!

Read our review of the book here!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Bring the kids! Plan a family yoga-cation at Kripalu

Courtesy of Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health
The family that Om's together, sticks together!

At Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, wellness is not just for mom and dad.
This summer, the renowned wellness organization and retreat offers a kids programming line-up for young yogis of varied interests and downtime styles.
Set on three hundred lush acres of woodlands, hills, valleys and a peaceful lake in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, the destination is well worth considering for a bit of family bonding, rest and rejuvenation.
Here’s the kid-friendly summer programming low-down…
June 5-7, 2015. “Mothers, Daughters, and the Heroic Journey” (Tuition, $195)
Girls ages 9-12 will explore the tween and teen years and gain a sense of what this coming-of-age was like for their moms. The weekend workshop makes use of theater games, visual arts, writing and sharing exercises.
June 28 – July 3, 2015 “Circus Yoga Community Retreat: The Human Art of Play” (Tuition, $185)
Anyone ages 7 and up will enjoy this blend of yoga and circus arts, now in its 15th year here. Learn flying partner yoga, how to juggle, use spinning plates, balance on a tightwire and more. A truly multigenerational experience.
July 3-5, 2015 “YogArts for Kids” (Tuition, $205)
If your 5-12 year old loves nature art projects, this program is a breath of fresh air.  Kids will learn yoga, go for walks in the woods, and get crafty with discoveries they make along the way!
August 14-16, 2015 “Deep Play for Kids” (Tuition, $200)
Kids ages 6-12 will dive in to their playful and mindful nature. They will embark on a challenging obstacle course that requires brainstorming with others to navigate, journal about their experience, hike, and practice yoga movements, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Inventive yoga mat keeps you on the mark

A-Line Athletic Mat. Courtesy YogaForce
Are you practicing yoga, or a solo game of Twister?  

When unsure of one's stance or footing, a young yogi can feel lost and even risk injury.

That’s where the A-Line Athletic Mat steps in. This patented, ergonomic yoga essential is designed to keep your body in proper alignment.
Creator Annie E. Appleby conceived of the product idea after a serious fender bender left her broken up from her hip bones to her rib cage.
“I needed physical therapy and was already doing yoga, too,” she says.
A-Line Creator, Annie Appleby. Courtesy YogaForce
To ensure that her asana work was healing and not hurting her, she fashioned a yoga mat that kept her in check. The innovative floor pad helped to, “completely fix me,” says Appleby.
“The vertical and horizontal alignment guiders help your body in to proper position. The mat serves as a cheat-sheet, so you can focus on other things during class, like your breath,” says Appleby.
Now at work on a yoga apparel and accessories line that bears her YogaForce company logo, the new products are slated to drop by Christmas, says Appleby.

(A-Line Mat, $89.00 at amazon.com and yogaforce.com)


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Quinoa with pop! Superfood turns snackable in grab-and-go style

Courtesy I Heart Keenwah
Seeking a healthy alternative to the traditional cheese puff? Wish granted and no cooking required.

I Heart Keenwah’s new line of Quinoa Puffs aims to satiate even the most discerning snackers.

The new-to-market product comes in Aged Cheddar, Sea Salt Truffle, Sweet Chili, and Herbes de Provence flavors.

Courtesy I Heart Keenwah
Beyond the zest, each puff packs a nutritious punch. The all-natural, non-GMO, Gluten-free snacks are made from quinoa flour and contain five grams of protein per one ounce serving (each pack is three servings).

Now available at Wegmans, Heinens, The Fresh Market, amazon.com and iheartkeenwah.com, the Puffs sell for $3.49 per bag or $11.87 for a four-pack sampler.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Resilience is in style! Get charmed by new line of yogi bling

“Your path will be revealed to you. You have to trust,” says Tina Tang, whose dual passions for fitness and jewelry design aligned to form Iron Strong Jewelry.

The multi-line brand of sterling silver and brass jewelry, key chains, cufflinks, and charms was born from her creative and self-empowered nature.

In 1998, Tang said goodbye to an unfulfilling, six-figure job as a Goldman Sachs equities trader, to pursue jewelry making full-time. She'd previously dabbled in the craft as a hobbyist through WYCA classes in wax carving and silversmithing.
“To succeed, you have to...

Monday, May 11, 2015

Gifting yoga. Organization awards next-generation scholarships

Courtesy Trella Dolgin
Exams. College costs. The job market. Oh my!

The demands facing today's teens and young adults have motivated one yogi and middle-school science teacher to take action.

“The amount of pressures on high school students especially are huge – more so than ever before. And this generation will soon be running our country,” says Trella Dolgin, founder of YogisHeart. The Ridgewood, New Jersey-based organization awards year-long yoga scholarships to applicants ages 15-25.
When Dolgin launched the initiative in 2012, “It was just pure...

Friday, May 8, 2015

A yogic approach to "differently-abled" kids

Zensational Kids' Allison Morgan
In her work with kids, particularly special needs children, ages pre-school through high school, Allison Morgan, OTR, RYT turns conventional methods on their head.

“Others look at an individual based on a diagnosis, and in terms of his or her weakness. That’s the problem. A human being is an island of excellence. We have it within us to be happy, whole and connected. Yoga draws that which is perfect out from within,” says the licensed occupational therapist and registered yoga teacher from New Jersey.
Six years ago, Morgan founded, Zensational Kids, to apply a yogic approach towards educational, counseling and therapeutic goals. She travels nationwide offering her seminars and teacher trainings.
When she started out, ...

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Spring is in the air with homemade linen lavendar spray

Courtesy Google Images
A perennial favorite, this bluish-purple herb is known for its sedative effects when inhaled.
Rather than shell out your week’s allowance  on a store-bought scented mist, why not create your own healing aromatic blend?

Follow the recipe below for a calming, DIY lavender spray:

You’ll need:
A small spray bottle with fine mister
Two ounces isopropyl alcohol, twelve ounces distilled water
20 drops of lavender essential oil
Mix ingredients in spray bottle. Lightly shake. Spritz and indulge!


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Take a bow pose! 3 graduation gifts for young yogis

Grow your 'coin karma.'

Deposit loose change and be inspired to pay it forward towards a worthy cause.

Made of resin with glossy finish, a screw cap on bottom enables easy coin recovery. Available in pink, orange, purple and blue. 
(Buddha Bank, $16.99 at buddhagroove.com).

Display your inner nature. 

Positive words on salvaged pine wood remind you to keep thoughts and actions true to your essence. Choose, “Believe,” “Imagine, or “Inspire.” 

Hang from the wall using back hanger, or rest it on a shelf. Measures 12”L x 1.5”W x 7”H. 

(Reclaimed Wood Mantra Blocks, $45.00/each at uncommongoods.com). 

Calling all yogis!
Communicate in style with this mandala-inspired flower cover, with shimmery marble background and turquoise blue center.
(Elegant Gold Foil Lotus Flower iPhone 5 Cover, $44.95/case at zazzle.com).


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

From ouch to Om! More teen athletes trying yoga for injury prevention

Dana Santas in action
Yoga trainer to the major league sports world, Dana Santas is stunned by the injuries she’s seeing within the teen sport set.

Known for her work with teams including the Tampa Bay Lightning, Philadelphia Phillies, and Orlando Magic, Santas says, “There is an uptick in demand for yoga-based sports performance training, especially for multi-sport kids, due to an increase in injuries. They never give themselves a break.”

Santas is seeing a startling number of ...

Monday, May 4, 2015

Pre-prom yoga detox with Instagram's ZenGirl!

Mandy Burstein with students
It’s every teen girl’s prom day fear – the big forehead zit emerges, or the dress that wowed in the store doesn't quite fit.

“Self image is a lot of what I focus on, it’s personally a big passion of mine,” says Mandy Burstein, who has taught Yoga for Teens at Prana Yoga Center of La Jolla, California since 2012. Burstein also maintains highly popular Instagram and website followings (zengirlchronicles.com).

The 29-year-old Burstein says she understands the common anxieties that lead up to this perennial rite of passage.
c/o Mandy Burstein
“Some girls might feel stressed about spending $200 on a dress, or finding a date when other girls have already been asked. Plus, the timing of prom coincides with exams. There’s a big pull between...

Friday, May 1, 2015

Need cash for a cause? Start a Yogathon!

Courtesy Google Images
Do you know of a worthy organization or project that could use financial support? Put the f-u-n back in fundraiser and rally the yogi troops!

Yogathons are ways to bring your community together and generate money for a noble initiative.

Take Students Run PhillyStyle, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.The non-profit recently organized a yoga fundraiser to benefit its group, which pairs volunteer Running Leaders with urban area students, to mentor and train them for half-marathons.

“It was a two-hour hot vinyasa flow class, paired with an hour of cocktails and appetizers immediately following,” says Jennifer C. McEntee, a Running Leader and practicing attorney. “The wine and food were donated by a local restaurant and a nearby yoga studio gifted its space and one teacher’s time. We accepted donations at the door and raised $500.00.”

Ready to get bodies and money flowing?  Here are five tips for Yogathon success:

1) Select a charity or multiple charities as the benefactor (s) of  donations raised by participants and sponsors.

2) Decide if your Yogathon will be a one-hour class or longer, as some Yogathons are all-day affairs. If you can land a nationally recognized yoga teacher-figure to headline your event, snag this golden opportunity.

3) Seek out local yoga studios and/or instructors willing to donate their space and time for a portion of, or to host the entire event. You can also host the event at a community gathering spot, if permission is granted.

4) If your Yogathon runs long, fill in gap time between sessions with music performances, speakers from the organization (s) benefiting from the Yogathon, and encourage participants to sample and purchase yoga and wellness products on exhibit.

5) Determine whether you will accept a minimum in-kind donation and/or charge a flat fee to cover administrative and operating costs.









A healthy scoop! Organic ice cream line keeps taste buds and cows happy

Courtesy Clover Stornetta Farms
All ice creams are not created equal.

"Mint To Be,” “Chocolate Nirvana,” and “Eat Your Milk & Cookies” are just a few of the twelve, tempting new flavors launched recently by California-based, family-owned and operated,
Clover Stornetta Farms.

Blended from healthful milk and cream, the premium grade product is made from humane-certified Clover cows.

Check your local, independent grocer or Whole Foods Market for details, as the brand has already debuted its craft ice cream varieties in Northern California.

For the latest Clover coupons, visit: http://www.cloverpetaluma.com/coupons