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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Inventive yoga mat keeps you on the mark

A-Line Athletic Mat. Courtesy YogaForce
Are you practicing yoga, or a solo game of Twister?  

When unsure of one's stance or footing, a young yogi can feel lost and even risk injury.

That’s where the A-Line Athletic Mat steps in. This patented, ergonomic yoga essential is designed to keep your body in proper alignment.
Creator Annie E. Appleby conceived of the product idea after a serious fender bender left her broken up from her hip bones to her rib cage.
“I needed physical therapy and was already doing yoga, too,” she says.
A-Line Creator, Annie Appleby. Courtesy YogaForce
To ensure that her asana work was healing and not hurting her, she fashioned a yoga mat that kept her in check. The innovative floor pad helped to, “completely fix me,” says Appleby.
“The vertical and horizontal alignment guiders help your body in to proper position. The mat serves as a cheat-sheet, so you can focus on other things during class, like your breath,” says Appleby.
Now at work on a yoga apparel and accessories line that bears her YogaForce company logo, the new products are slated to drop by Christmas, says Appleby.

(A-Line Mat, $89.00 at amazon.com and yogaforce.com)


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