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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Digest this! 5 kid-centric benefits of juicing up

Courtesy Montauk Juice Factory
While their taste buds are still developing, kids have an innate understanding of what’s good for their growing bodies, says Madeleine Murphy, co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Montauk Juice Factory.

The hip juice bar in Montauk, New York serves up a delectable selection of raw, cold-pressed, organic juices and operates a delivery service, too.

“Kids intuitively know that pure pineapple juice is way better for their bodies than soda. We see a total shift going on. Kids and teens are pulling their parents in to our shop and mixing and matching their own juices. It’s better than candy,” says Murphy, whose team also leads juicing workshops at camps and in charter schools.
To foster your child’s connectivity to nature’s liquid fuel, Murphy offers these tips:

Hold off on juice cleansing. At young ages, we recommend putting in to your life, not taking away. It's not about deprivation, not eating or counting calories. It's about how certain foods can make your skin glow and make your body feel stronger.

Drink up (at least) three times a day. Our juices naturally cleanse young bodies, which may be going through hormonal shifts, skin or self-esteem issues. Good, healthy, plant-based power can make you feel better about yourself and boost confidence. For a lunch box pick-me-up, our Green Lemonade contains a rare, blue green algae that goes down easy and helps with mental clarity.

Sweat it out and replenish. Pre or post workout, our Beach Break juice contains watermelons, which are rich in amino acids, helping to hydrate muscles and replenish fluids lost during exercise. Our Dope Beet energy drink with beets, parsnip and jalapeno is zesty and keeps a good metabolic rate going.

Don’t pop that pimple! What you put in to your body now effects how your skin will look in a month. Try Liquid Sunshine from our Glow line. It contains ginger, an anti-inflammatory, which reduces red, puffy skin; aloe vera, a detoxifier; lemon, which acts as an antiseptic and kills off bacteria; and pineapple, with bromelain enzyme, is a healthy tissue regenerator.

Be protein rich. Our vegan, non-dairy, MAD MYLK drink can be sipped alone, poured in to granola, or used to make chocolate milk or chia pudding. The beverage contains hemp and chia seeds – two rich protein sources. Vanilla and cinnamon sweeten the deal.





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