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Monday, May 25, 2015

Express yourself! Athletic wear line targets young, yogi fashionistas

Lexi Hidalgo for Luna Jai
Luna Jai, the high fashion athletic apparel company, has added extra-extra-small sizes to its line.

“We wanted kids to be a part of this world,” says Serge Esebag, president and CEO of Los Angeles-based Sublitex, the apparel sourcing and import group behind Luna Jai. To this end, the company recently tapped 14-year-old yoga teacher and Instagram power influencer, Lexi Hidalgo, to be an ambassador for its brand.

The entire spirit of the Luna Jai brand stems from its name, which translates to...
“moon,” for female energy and “triumph,” respectively.

Now, tweens and teens can unleash the Fire Butterfly, Golden Cheetah, or Chained Zebra within. The capris and pants names are just a few from Luna Jai’s Bottoms Collection. Equally creative, tropical and surfing-themed sports bras and tank top designs – from “Physical Graffiti,” to “Crystal Cove,” make up the Tops Collection.

Inspiration for Luna Jai came during a day at the beach for Esebag.

“We were looking at people running on the beach in the same grey and charcoal uniforms and wanted to bring color and fun in,” he says.

Developing the 8-way stretch fabric took four months to develop. The line’s refreshing prints are conceived by artists who, “Draw everything by hand before being digitized,” says Esebag.

With a line of swimwear and microshorts coming soon, Esebag says, “We have an edge on our prints. We’re bringing back the 80’s theme and geometrics. We’re not creating a product that’s driven to mass, so our artists can really express their talent.”

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