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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Polish that pose, and your toes! 4 nail ideas to spice up your practice

Just as a new yoga mat or outfit can help you to self-express during yoga class, nail grooming offers an additional outlet for personal style.

Zodiac Dahlia. Courtesy PRITI NYC
“Paying attention to such details can help young yogis during their practice, since they feel good about how it looks, or because people noticed their awesome nails,” says Kim D’Amato, founder of PRITI NYC, a “green” brand of vegan, non-toxic, 5 Free nail polishes, which means they’re completely non-toxic.

With the warmer months upon us, Sienna D'Amato, Kim's daughter, and Creative Director of PRITI's Princess line, offers 4 nail ideas to keep you in fashion on and off the mat this season..
Blue Cactus Candle. Courtesy PRITI NYC
What’s trending now. Spring trends are hot pinks and fluorescents as well as dark colors, such as blacks and dark navys. Nail art is another huge trend, particularly accenting with geometric shapes.
Mix it up. It’s fun to paint one accent nail in a lighter color or do nail art with a fluorescent accent.
Stand out. Dark metallic colors shine against sun light. You can also wear a different color or multiple colors on each nail.
Coordinate from head to mat. I love when things match and are balanced. I pair my nail color with my mat most of the time.  Painting your nails should be fun. You can match any color or style to any mat. The most important thing is that you think it rocks.

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