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Monday, January 25, 2016

Snowday Meditations

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How do you fare on Snowdays? Hours inside, waiting out a blizzard evoke cabin fever in some, but for others, time with the kids present many mindful teaching moments. Here's a list inspired by this past weekend's Winter Storm Jonas...

Patience please. As the first snowflakes fall, most kids are raring to be a part of the heavenly action. But winds and frigid temperatures aren't safe to get caught in. While conditions ease up, encourage kids to take in nature's awesome show of beauty. Discuss how snow is formed. Watch the peace and quiet of winter white cloak your neighborhood.

Lend a hand. Before frolicking in the snow outside, ask your kids to pitch in with shoveling and clearing pathways. Fun and games await, so tackle the busywork as a unit.

Imaginate!  Set imagination loose. Free to run wild, a child can pretend to be a snow angel or eskimo. Participate in the fun and build snow animals, forts and other playful snow creations together.

Be grateful. Not everyone is lucky enough to be safe and warm after a long day of snow fun. Remind kids of their good fortune and pause to count your blessings and wish those who are less fortunate well.

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