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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Healthier ice cream? Wish granted

c/o Brio
Have a scoop, or 3 or 4!

Brio ice cream claims to have significantly less calories (25 %) fat (half), cholesterol (75%), and sugar (10%) than similar  premium brands.

c/o Brio
Delight tastebuds with delicious flavors like Vanilla-Caramel, Tropical Mango, Spring Strawberry, Coffee Latte and Mellow Dark Chocolate.
For a 4 fl oz serving, expect:

Calories: 160-170
Protein    6g
Fats         6g-7g
Dietary Fiber   2 g

(Brio can be ordered @ Ice Cream Source www.icecreamsource.com). It's shipped to your home, frozen and ready to enjoy.

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