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Friday, April 1, 2016

Bring on the bold. Kids yoga clothes in popping spring colors

Instagram yogipreneur, Kristine Deer's kids' line (3T - 14/16 XL), has been driven by the women and moms who've fallen in love with her brand.

"When a mother feels proud of what she wears, she wants to share it with her child as an extension of her. It's a mini-me situation," says Deer.

Known for fun, vibrant prints, "We've paid attention to the fashion shows for spring, noting trends in print and color. We like to take it further and make it ours. We stay attuned to pop culture, music, and what artists and styles are trending, too," says Deer.

For kids, an investment with K-Deer is a good choice, says Deer. "Our leggings wear so well and wash beautifully. They're easily paired with tops and jackets already in her closet," says Deer.

Driving this season's collection is a combination of primary colors like black, white, and pops of red, blue, and yellow. "We're making a nice bold statement with these prints, each of which truly reflect the power of what the fitness industry is doing now. There's a total shift in wellness. We're trying to plant our seed--of how powerful and culturally driven and connected we are to fashion and what's happening in fitness," says Deer.

(Vibe, Crush and Wildcard Leggings. $48/each at K-Deer.com)

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