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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

What's trending now - yoga camp!

c/o SHINE Yoga Kids
 What’s trending now – yoga camp!

“We’ve noticed more kids asking to do yoga,” says Lauren Chaitoff, founder and co-owner of Yogi Beans, a NY-based yoga-for-kids company which has offered yoga in camps for a decade.

For Pure Yoga, of New York City, “Our mini-retreats are for children ages 3-6,” says Chaitoff. “Various camps will also bring us on-site and the ages there typically range from 2.5 – 10 years.”

Camps operate for one and two weeks at a time, with sessions running for 2.5 hours each.

Typically, campers can expect an exciting yoga adventure in class, followed by a soothing savasana, fun arts and crafts activity, mindful games and calming yoga story, says Chaitoff.

“Kids are asked to pack a light (nut-free) lunch that will be eaten during story time,” says the yoga expert.

Newbies to yoga are welcome, says Chaitoff.

“Every kid is an ideal yoga camper. No experience needed. Just bring your body, mind and heart,” she says.

c/o SHINE Yoga Kids
At SHINE Yoga Kids in New City, NY, yoga summer camp programming for ages 4-12 is in its third year.

“It’s a nice option for kids who are not attending camp and for those who are looking for a healthy, indoor activity for a few hours during the day,” says Amy Hough, owner of SHINE.

Camps here rune for one week each and kids follow a theme-based class, which is approximately an hour.

“We provide organic snacks and water, followed by an activity designed around the theme – either a partner pose, craft, games or team-building activity,” says Hough.

Kids who are looking to keep cool, make new friends and enjoy more of a low-key, non-competitive environment would be happy at yoga camp, says Hough.

“Parents love knowing that their child is gaining all of the incredible benefits of yoga, while having fun in camp,” she says.

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