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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Those who can --teach!

Photo c/o Liz Wertz Photography
New Year - New job?

If you've thought about becoming a kids yoga teacher, but have not yet taken the plunge, read on for a positive perspective on the plus-side of such work. It may just be the tipping point you need to make your decision.

Photo c/o Liz Wertz Photography

The Benefits of Becoming a Kids Yoga Teacher

When I began my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training I had no idea what I wanted to do with the education I received, as a matter of fact I doubted that I would even teach.

However, two days into the training...
someone mentioned yoga for children. My ears perked up and my head spun
in the direction of the conversation. I spent my entire lunch that day asking Pam and Daryl
questions. I just felt it was what I wanted to do.

I went home and did more research and found a training that was specifically for teaching children and I signed up! It was that easy for me…and I know that I made the right decision.

Every day I get to share my knowledge of yoga and its many benefits with children. I teach them the poses and the philosophy of yoga with lesson plans on subjects such as: peace, love, kindness, gratitude, honesty, courage and many more.

When a parent reaches out to me for some tips on stress reduction, anxiety or building muscle tone, I gather the information and help them as best as I can and suggest the resources I feel would help them the most based on
their needs.

When a school psychologist asks for my assistance in setting up a mindful space or program I jump into action. A sports coach asks me to offer weekly yoga and meditation for their team so they can focus and be flexible- I make time, if I don’t have time I send someone I have trained or mentored. A school teacher asks me to visit her class to talk about mindfulness, I’m there. A school district asks me to speak to their physical education teachers about yoga,
their social workers on mindfulness and their teachers on easy ways to bring yoga into the
classroom I do it!

When a parent says thank you to me…I reply, “Thank you for allowing your child to have this experience and for bringing a smile to my face.” Because I leave EVERY class with a big huge smile. The benefits of being a kids yoga teacher are endless…contact me and I’ll show you the way.

More Yoga. More Good!

Sharon Marrama, owner of Here Comes the Sun Yoga for Kids is a children’s yoga instructor at
several local schools and studios. She also holds a certificate in Children’s & Teens Coaching and writes children's books.

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