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Sunday, March 29, 2015

What nerve? Practice these asanas to ease exam season jitters

Courtesy Chrissy Lefavour
It’s that time. Students nationwide will soon hit the books to prepare for finals and state tests. 

While anxiety is natural, practicing certain yoga poses may reduce test-taking pressure, according to some yoga experts. So stay calm and yoga on. Each day this week, we'll post top-pick poses for stress-free studying.

Sun salutations, are very beneficial for clearing the mind and energizing the body,” says Chrissy Lefavour, RYT and owner of GratefulYoga of Montpelier, Vermont.

Downward facing dog, child’s pose, and cat/cow stretches are all very relaxing," says Lefavour.

"Get your feet above your head," she says. "Lay with your legs up a wall or on a chair, do a shoulder stand, or learn to stand on your head and hands."

Backbends are good for soothing the nervous system, "So taking an assisted bridge posture, camel, or bow can be very liberating in times of anxiety," says Lefavour.




Anonymous said...

Saving tips for the entire week will give me the strength to prepare for my upcoming tests!! Thanx!!

Anonymous said...

I am a novice (and a student) and I just tried this pose and found it easy and it feels good.

Anonymous said...

Hoping these poses will ease my anxiety before my exams....

Anonymous said...

Noting takes away my jitters..I will try the yoga poses-please keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

A few friends are going to try the poses with me.Maybe we an help each other