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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Strike a (yoga) pose and crush test-taking angst

Photo/Angela Coppola for "Breathe: Yoga for Teens".  
Yoga is portable, so you can take it to the classroom on test-days.

Before exam time, try these  postures to unwind your mind...

"Fold over in to Rag Doll. This gets the blood flowing to the brain," says Mary Kaye Chryssicas, a Wellesley, Massachusetts-based yoga teacher, motivational speaker and the author of, "Breathe: Yoga for Teens," ($19.60, Amazon.com). "Shake your head yes and no, releasing all neck and shoulder tension. If seated, open your legs and hang your body forward between your knees."

"Butterfly is a great hip-opener, so you don't get fidgety in your school chair," she says.

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