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Friday, September 18, 2015

Give 'em an apple a day...chip style!

Courtesy Three Works Snacks
Move over Frito Lay, a healthier, new chip is making its way to grocery store snack aisles.
Fruit chips are a kid and caregiver go-to, healthy snack option, and now, Three Works Snacks ®, a Canadian-based snacking brand is being introduced here, through World Finer Foods, a leading supplier of specialty food, beverage and personal care products.
The line of fun, crunchy, Apple Chips are born right on the tree, picked, sliced, naturally flavored and dehydried ™, creating a unique, crisp texture and crunch, without the fat, gluten or added sugar.
Distribution of three fun flavors (So Original, Pinch-O-Cinnamon, and Berry Berry) begins this month. Happy snacking!



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