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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Peaceful, playful warrior? Action figurines draw boys to yoga

Courtesy Yoga Joes
If your son or the 'little dude' in your life has rejected your overtures to try yoga, consider humoring him on to the mat.

Yoga Joes, a line of mini green figurines for ages 3 and up that look like classic, plastic toy soldiers, is the brainchild of Dan Abramson, a San Francisco-based designer and beginner yogi, who was seeking a way to make the practice more guy-friendly.

Abramson raised $108,000 to launch the products through Kickstarter, as interest was high and fast. Beyond sparking an interest in the ancient Indian practice, Abramson also hopes the little army men helps kids to celebrate military men and women for their practice of discipline, according to his campaign’s website.

Courtesy Yoga Joes
Yoga Joes vary from 1-3 inches high, and come in zen yoga studio packaging with a bamboo floor. Poses include Downward-facing Dog, Warrior Two, Cobra, Child’s, Meditation, Headstand, Tree, and Crow.
(Yoga Joes 9/pk set, $25.00 at yogajoes.com)



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