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Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween! Pre-trick-or-treat warm-up for little yogis

Courtesy Google Images
This sequence comes to us courtesy of Hilary Shumate, kids yoga instructor at Bare Feet Power Yoga in Chicago, Illinois.

Calling all black cats! Start off with a few rounds of Cat/Cow with big breaths and sighs. Don’t forget loud MOOS and MEOWS.
Next, sit in a circle in a straddle fold with toes connected. Imagine that,...
In the middle is a witches’ cauldron. Using your core strength, stir the contents of the witches brew. Ask kids about what should be included in it, (I kid you not!) I’ve received suggestions like children, salt, donuts, and frog legs!
Keep stirring the pot and reaching and folding for ingredients, which is great for legs, core and our flexibility. Then, reach for a big sip. Smell it and blow on it to cool it down (breath work), before drinking. After the sip, let out the biggest witches’ laugh possible!
Embark on a journey to a haunted mansion, starting in Scarecrow Pose (Mountain Pose) and decide hop on your witches Broomstick to get there (Airplane Pose). Upon arrival, spot and pose in Half Crescent Moon. As you enter through a special Down Dog Tunnel, encounter friendly ghosts. Mimic the Zombies by tightening your entire body then loosening everything and walking around as such creatures do. If you bump in to another zombie, give him a high five!
Have a cool down, stirring the pot again before getting in to Corpse pose. If you remain really quiet and still, you can feel the wind blowing around you, which means a friendly ghost flew by them and waved hello!




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