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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Goodnight little yogi! Manage Zzz's from your phone with smart sleeptime buddy

Meet REMI. No, thank your lucky stars for REMI–especially if your child’s shut-eye routines are anything but routine.

This friendly-faced, Bluetooth-enabled sleep aid is the ingenious brainchild of a married couple from Paris, aiming to invent everyday objects their family needed. The pair successfully crowdfunded the device through a recent Indiegogo campaign.

Using its mobile app, you can customize REMI’s colors so babies learn to... recognize and associate sleep and waking up. Program time, date, lighting preferences and intensity, and facial expressions to alert your child when it’s time to get up or return to sleep.

REMI includes an adjustable nightlight, and can download your child’s favorite music to lull him to sleep. You can also record your own lullabies or choose any of Remi’s pre-programmed sounds to settle them.
remove different REMI’s for each of your children, keeping track of distinct sleep patterns and alerts for each child.

The sleep trainer’s “tracking diary” provides detailed information about your child’s sleep patterns.

Buy now and nab a REMI in a color choice of pink, blue, yellow or light grey for $54 (45% of MSRP). Estimated delivery is March, 2016. For more information, visit urbanhello.com.
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