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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sharing good secrets. One young girl turns loss in to legacy

Kaley Young
At age 19, Kaley Young from Long Island, New York survived the tragic death of her 47-year old mother, Beth.

Breast cancer claimed her young life, but not before instilling a lifetime of precious pearls of wisdom in Kaley, her two siblings, and droves of dedicated students of the Hot Pilates Secret class she'd created and taught for years.

 Beth's classes were given inside a studio, in complete darkness, and incorporated music, a bit of vinyasa yoga, Pilates and meditation.

"Being there was a complete...
escape," says Young, now 22." "Sweating is a great way to de-stress your mind. At the end of each session, my mom asked students to think of three things they were thankful for that day. It was a studio of healing."

Kaley Young
To spread her mom's life lessons, Young began teaching Hot Pilates Secret just five days after her mom had passed.

"I still teach it and have taught other instructors. We now offer it about 25 times each week," says Young, who also instructs girls from age 2 through 14  in dance, at her Dance Barn.

In addition, each month, Young brings, "She Taught" workshops to regional schools, for kids in 2nd through 8th grade. The gatherings build off of a 4 Agreements theme: Don't take anything personally, be impeccable with your word, don't make assumptions, and always do your best.
There's a kindness aspect and a focus on being your best self. Goal-setting is a part of it too, and reminding them to keep their minds open. More than just the sky is the limit," says Young. Workshops end with positive affirmations.

The Young Family
Most importantly, "My mom's one word was, believe. I try to instil the whole aspect of believing in yourself. Life is short," says Young.


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