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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Banned! Yoga pants don't make the grade at Massachusetts school

Another school has jumped on to the yoga pants ban-wagon.

Cape Cod Tech High school in Harwich, Massachusetts has implemented a new dress code, requiring female students to wear shorts or a skirt over yoga pants, according to MyFoxBoston.com.

Apparently, some students at the school said boys are distracted by the look and act out inappropriately.
Outrage has spread and already, a group of 200 girls have organized “First Day = Yoga Pants,” where they plan on donning the prohibited pants on the first day of school this coming semester.
 “We can’t help we were born girls and we shouldn’t have to pay for it either because boys can’t ‘control’ themselves,” an event organizer said on their Facebook page.
The school’s principal says the new requirement has to do with professional dress and ensuring that students are work ready, because they’re attending a vocational high school, according to the news site.
Cape Cod Tech isn’t the first school to change their dress code for yoga pants. This past February students at Rockport High School were banned from wearing them completely, according to MyFoxBoston.com.
Where do you stand on this topic? Are yoga pants too sexy as schoolwear?



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