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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Taking a pass on gym class. California teens gain school credit for yoga classes.

Courtesy Prana Yoga Center
Some students are getting off the track and field and hitting up a California yoga studio instead --to rack up physical education class credits.

Prana Yoga Center of La Jolla, California has offered its Yoga for Teens 101 PE Credit course since 2005, through an arrangement with The Bishops School, a local and private institution.

Open to students from other area middle and high schools, students sign up because they like yoga as a balance to academics and other sports they might do, says Alexandra Gessner, the studio's owner.

"Yoga provides a great alternative to...
slow down, go inward and focus on something other than performance and achievement. There's a lot of pressure on teens academically and in extra curricular activities to achieve more, reach higher, make the team, move up on level and more. In yoga, the focus is simply on 'being,' says Gessner.

Roughly ten to fifteen students per trimester are drawn to the class for its restorative, meditative aspects that offer an opportunity to relax and become still -- in their bodies and more importantly, their minds," says Gessner.

Throughout the trimester, Asana practice (Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative), Pranayama, Meditation, Goal-setting and dealing with the pressures and stress from school are covered.

Gessner says beyond the physical exercise, students become, "Aware of the mind-body connection, breathing techniques and meditation and how to create healthy self-care habits."

Upon completing their required three weekly classes (20 per trimester), some students attend other public classes offered here and a few have taken the studio's yoga teacher training program.

For more information, visit: www.prana-yoga.com/teenyoga.php

Yoga for Teens

Session fee: $225 pre-registration, $250 full price
Drop in rate: $15 per class




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