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Monday, April 20, 2015

Chaos or sanctum? Expert tips for calming your bedroom vibe

Cluttered quarters photo c/o Anita Rosenberg
Do you still have fuchsia pink paint, an outdated stuffed animal collection and a medley of tween heartthrobs covering the walls of your rest space? How can a young yogi meditate, let alone catch quality ZZZs in such over-stimulating quarters?

“In Feng Shui, the purpose of bedrooms is restful sleep and recharging your battery,” says Anita Rosenberg, an international Feng Shui expert whose high profile clients include Paula Abdul and supermodel, Miranda Kerr.

To create a peaceful setting, Rosenberg advises that for younger children’s rooms, “Safety is the key,” she says. “No pointy furniture edges or sharp metal corners.”

To organize chaos, use trunks, baskets, shelves and closets, says the expert, and dĂ©cor shouldn’t be arousing.

“Keep the color red and flying super heroes to a minimum, as they will keep kids’ imaginations active all night,” says Rosenberg.

Did you know bunkbeds create limited thinking?
“The best bed position is up against a solid interior wall for support,” she says.

Ensure your child has his “support team” displayed in the form of family photos and friends at eye-level, says Rosenberg.

In tomorrow's post, Rosenberg offers style advice for free-flowing tween and teen bedrooms.

1 comment:

Anita Rosenberg said...

Thanks Erika for using my tips for children's rooms. It is very important to get it right energetically for them. Everyone needs good Qi in their life!