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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Get in the (yoga) zone before finals

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To cool down exam stress, try  Bee Buzzing Breath to clear your mind and better manage pre-exam stress, says Christy Brock Miele, founder of YogaMinded.com.

“You can’t do this breath seriously and not feel calmer,” she says. "The sound of the bee buzzing breath literally takes your attention and draws it away from your brain, down to your voice box, and heart area, giving you a mental break.”

Miele suggests these yoga poses for calming your nervous system.

Eagle Pose can be done standing or from a seated position, doing just Eagle arms. Steady your gaze on one spot and engage your arms and legs in a “locking position.” Eagle pose takes the energy of the brain and redistributes it to the body, easing mental pressure and reinvigorating cardiovascular flow. You’ll feel steady and clear, like an Eagle surveying the land (or classroom)!

Cat/Cow spinal movements get the spine moving and freeing up the build-up of tension in the brain, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed.
Take a break from hunching over your books in Chair Forward Bend. Sit to the back of a chair with feet wide and bending forward, letting your head and arms hang. This gets blood flow to the brain. The circulation is refreshing!


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