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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Making yoga a family affair

Photo credit: thechildrensschoolofyoga.com
Looking for a mess-free bonding activity with the kiddos? Toss the yoga mats in to the trunk and head to a family yoga class.
Doreen Foxwell began teaching such sessions eleven years ago through The Children's School of Yoga.  Her self-designed classes and workshops are currently offered at over 150 locations throughout the North East, and she says, they’re gaining in popularity for the under-ten age set.
“There are so many drop-off activities today. Family-style yoga is something to do together,” says Foxwell. Plus, younger children gain confidence with mom or dad on hand to assist them, she says.

Limited to fifteen participants, Foxwell changes up the...
themes of her six or twelve-session classes biweekly and includes poses, relaxation and breathing techniques. She advises caregivers to leave their expectations at the studio door.
“Some parent-yogis try to get their child to be in a pose perfectly, but we discourage it, as it can affect self-esteem. It’s all about fun and affirmation,” says the teacher.
For over-active youngsters, ADD tendencies or those who are autistic, “We make a point to suggest particular poses, breaths and chants that may help,” says Foxwell.
Working your sillies out together as a unit has long-lasting perks, says Foxwell.

“There are wonderful life skills that parents can introduce at this young age, such as stress management, compassion and patience.  Kids can practice them throughout their adult life,” she says.



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