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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Like this! Record your joys in scrap-book style

Courtesy Jacqueline Suskin
Do you spend more time “liking” others’ Facebook postings than enjoying your own day? 

“There’s a lot of blind clicking, with no substance about it," says Jacqueline Suskin, professional poet and author of, “Go Ahead & Like It,” (Ten Speed Press, $16.99). "What we really need is to know our own likes, and dig deeper to know what fulfills us."


The creative wordsmith kept journals before she was of writing age, calling it her “saving grace,” and encourages kids to do the same, as a means to heal, express and explore themselves on their own terms.

Suskin inspires readers to jot down lists of things that they like – from naps to thunderstorms, and lake swims to tapioca pudding, as a path to self-discovery and gratitude.

“We need reminding of just how full our lives are. When I have writer’s block, am bored or need uplifting, it’s helpful to train your mind to look towards the positive,” says Suskin, who typically drafts “like lists” three times a day.

If you’re having a really bad day,“The lists aren’t going to heal you from severe trauma, but they can help change your entire attitude, and you can do it whenever you want,” she says.








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