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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Designer tips for free-flowing tween and teen bedrooms

Photo c/o Anita Rosenberg
As you mature, your crash pad should support good homework, health and social habits, according to Feng Shui expert to the stars, Anita Rosenberg.

Your bedroom space should allow you to transition from tweenhood to teenager seamlessly, she says. So say goodbye to baby photos and stuffed animals. 

In addition, “A dedicated study area allows for better concentration and higher grades,” says Rosenberg, however, “No computers in bedrooms. This creates anxiety over homework.”
If you must position a TV or computer here, "Cover at night to calm harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs)," she says.

Ensure extra seating for social interactions with friends, says Rosenberg. And, “Bulletin boards honor party invites, friends’ photos and school papers.”

When it’s time to hit the sack, “Teen bedrooms in the basement are a bad circulation of Qi,” or life force, says the designer. “Nothing belongs under the bed,” which ideally should be, “placed up against a solid, interior wall.”

Excerpts from Rosenberg’s book Feng Shui Luck are available through the Good Karma Shop, at www.AnitaRosenberg.com

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