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Monday, April 27, 2015

OM Girl! Teenage yoga teacher turns heads

c/o Mark Allen Abbey Arts & Photography
Yogi see, yogi do.

More teens are not only practicing yoga, but teaching it, too!

Take Avery Jones. The fourteen-year-old yoga instructor from Marble Falls,Texas recently talked to us about yoga as both passion and profession!

KidsYogaDaily: How did you get in to yoga?

AJ: I started at age four. I'm the third oldest of seven siblings and we're homeschooled. My family did videos from the library together, and a teacher within our area homeschool group also taught yoga at nearby Sana Vida studio.

c/o Mark Abbey
KidsYogaDaily: What hooked you on the practice?
AJ: It helped me to stay healthy. I was never in to sports, and it became my sport. You also use the coolest toys to stretch out with.

KidsYogaDaily: When did you know you wanted to teach it?

AJ: At age ten. I was watching a news report on yoga and thought, 'I can do this.' I created Wiggle Worm Yoga and started teaching my family and homeschool group, at the library and at churches. Later on, I completed my 200-hour teaching training at Sana Vida, so I could teach there.

KidsYogaDaily: Were the mostly-adult students accepting of you?
AJ: Everyone was...
supportive and thought it was interesting that I was a young teacher. It was a positive experience.

c/o Mark Abbey
KidsYogaDaily: What about those who may find fault with your young age?

AJ: I can handle criticism. People may have distrust. I may not have experienced what they have, but I have learned about yoga for stress, and sciatica, and have an idea of what they might be dealing with.

KidsYogaDaily: Did you get a lot out of the teacher training?
AJ: I had a lot of personal growth.  I became more aware of my emotions and body. Before the training, I had never really meditated. I have asthma and meditating really helps if an attack comes on. I try to meditate daily for ten minutes or more.
KidsYogaDaily: What’s your teaching style?
AJ: I focus on fun, comfortability, emotions, and a bit of alignment. I want kids to feel the poses and become more aware of their bodies. I start class dancing to a song called, “Shake Your Sillies Out.” In one game, we pass a ball around with our feet in a circle, and coordinate our breath. It’s a moving meditation. We also practice feather breathing, watching a feather as we blow on it, which slows down the breath.

KidsYogaDaily: Are there advantages to teaching at such a young age?

AJ: It’s much easier to teach kids classes. I’m little, they’re little. I can still be silly. I think kids can relate more to a younger teacher.

c/o Mark Abbey
KidsYogaDaily: What kind of music is on your teaching playlist?

AJ: I often just play Ingrid Michaelson. The ukulele and subtle voice is pretty.

KidsYogaDaily: Do you have a daily practice?

AJ: Yes. I practice sun salutations every morning, which are very powerful and provide a huge emotional release.

KidsYogaDaily: What’s next?

AJ: I teach a weekly class called, “Go With the Flow” at a nearby park and will soon teach kids, ages five through ten, at Sana Vida. This summer, I’ll teach a kids boot camp too. I’m very excited. Eventually, I’d like to become a mind/body therapist. I want to learn about different diseases and ailments like stress, back and neck pain to help people, through yoga and meditation.





Beth said...

Thank you for such an aspiring story of a young teen that is focused and motivated. I wish her the very best!
Beth M.

Mara said...

Avery is amazing! I just got to take class with her at a Mom's Night Out.

Editor, KidsYogaDaily said...

Glad you liked our post on Avery Jones! We agree, she's a force!
Our site regularly features inspiring "Om Girl" stories, so please stay tuned :)

Mama said...

This is SOOOO inspiring!!!